Why Hire a Dedicated Adult SEO Specialist

Search engine optimisation basically works the same way in every industry so why is it important to hire an adult SEO specialist? Why not just hire the best agency you can afford?

We have worked for over 5000 total businesses and hundreds of adult product & service businesses. There are three reasons you should choose a specialist over an SEO generalist for your sex industry marketing.

innovation in the sex industry is nothing new1) The adult industry moves faster than almost any other industry.

Innovation in online video, virtual reality, robotics and many other fields were pioneered by revolution in the adult world. The industry moves at the cutting edge and those who succeed are pioneers and revolutionaries.

Online marketing for the adult industry works the same way. Those who are ranking today may not be there tomorrow and cutting edge / potentially spammy work still ranks quite often.

A general SEO specialist will not have the time or urge to keep up with cutting edge adult marketing techniques. If you are working on dental clinics and pizza restaurants you’ll be focused on local SEO tactics and directory/resource link building.

2) Professionalism comes with dedication and desensitization

When I worked in a large agency in the past, I often overheard discussions about the adult sites my colleagues worked on. They’d laugh at whoever was assigned the gay massage sites or decide which of the women was hottest on a brothel gallery. The focus was rarely 100% on achieving results.

What’s funny about being gay? Still, they’d insist that it was assigned to one colleague because “we’ll give that one to Alec. He’s gay. He’ll like that. I don’t want to look at it.”

If you choose to do business with a traditional SEO agency who employs typical 22-29 year old men exclusively, you’re definitely going to get this type of behavior around your campaign. Results can be quite a lot different if you treat everyone well and work hard on every campaign.


3) Resources together are better than resources split

No matter how much work you do, there’s always more to do in SEO. No matter how many links you have, there are more to get.

Every SEO agency has a list of go-to resources. If they have 500 links and work in 10 industries, they may have 50 links per industry. Adult gets neglected so maybe 25 if you’re really lucky.

A dedicated adult SEO agency may find the same 500 but 300 are adult resources and 200 are general must-have links.

The same amount of work is simply more valuable in one niche than 25-50 niches. When you have a foot injury you go to an orthopaedic specialist, not an oncologist. Both went to med school, right? One is focused on your need.


Obviously we are biased to believe you should use a dedicated agency but we started a dedicated agency because we feel it’s better In the first place. In the case of the chicken and the egg, in this case “it’s better” came before “start this agency.”

We’ve given you three good reasons to consider a dedicated adult SEO agency. Consider a dedicated agency for your marketing.