Frequently Asked Questions

SEO can be very challenging, especially if your area of interest is somewhere less technical. We hear the same questions over & over so we thought we’d put together a little FAQ to help you understand what we do and what you can do to help us help you.

Why do you do adult-only SEO?

We feel that the adult niche is often lumped in with other service offerings from a marketing or SEO agency. However, in reality we know that ranking for terms like “buy red shoes” is not directly the same as ranking for “buy couples dildo.”

We are also aware of the regulations & restrictions surrounding the adult industry, from web hosting problems to Adwords campaign cancellations.

Most often we’re asked this question in the form of “why do you help those perverts! Pornography is baaaaaaaaaaad.

The answer to that question is “because it’s fun to get paid for messing with small-minded people.”

What are your prices?

You can view more about our pricing on our Pricing Page but in general Adult SEO costs between $750/mo. and $7,500 per month with the difference based on competitiveness of your target keywords, whether they are location-based (Melbourne brothel is easier to rank than, say, “sex toys.”)

We try to maintain a balance between fair, competitive pricing and giving us the budget and time each month to achieve your goals.

Why aren't I page 1 for my main keyphrase yet?

Adult SEO is very challenging and sometimes frustrating. Your competitors are working just as hard to keep their higher rankings and unlike some industries, everyone who succeeds at this is doing some sort of marketing already.

There is just simply too much money in the adult & sex industry for people to willingly leave it on the table by not working hard to get more traffic & visitors.

While we will do our absolute best to rank you for whatever you want to rank for, this is art not science. Sometimes you do everything right and Google just says “not today, folks.” So we try again.

What won't the Adult SEO Agency do?

Look, we’re pretty open-minded. We’re a serious business yet one with naked bodies all over our website. We don’t care what your business does as long as it’s legal.

We won’t judge you for being gay, transexual, omnisexual, having two penises like that guy on Reddit, wanting to make money by stripping, acting or selling anal plugs.

But the business has to be legal because there are too many ways for us to get in trouble if we’re promoting services or sites that are not.

Will you do (X) for our marketing?

In general, yes. We have the ability to work on SEO, Adwords, paid social ads, social media, content marketing, Analytics, web design & development, link building, adult private blog networks, email marketing & more. If you need something, please ask.

We can also link you to informative text, video or other material to help you learn if you would like to know more about what we do.

What should I be doing to help my marketing?

That’s an excellent question and one we’re often asked. The answer, sadly, is “it depends.”

If we’re doing your SEO for you, focus on social media and networking. If we’re doing Adwords & social media, focus on putting more content online and promoting that content.

You’re rarely going to go wrong by promoting your business in ways you haven’t hired us to do. Unless we’re running an entire marketing campaign for you, fill in the rest with your own efforts. Social media is usually the easiest place to start as you can share your portfolio of images & videos, share links to your business and your work, and become more well-known while we get you ranking for your selected keywords.

Aren't you just in this for the naked ladies?

Well, yes! And no.

See, yes, we are because we are going to stare at a computer for over 10 hours a day doing some sort of marketing on some sort of online business. We can choose to look at garden sites, doctor & dental clinics, books & appliances … or we can work in the adult industry and get to work on sites that do often include naked or half-naked people to enjoy.

But no. After a while you get a bit desensitized to anything and much like a gynecologist or others who deal with intimate body parts, we’re just here to do the job.

If you get hit on or inappropriately bothered by a member of our staff, please inform management immediately. It is not tolerated to treat our clients disrespectfully in any manner.

Seriously, this must be the best job ever?

It’s up there. 😉

If you’d like to apply to work at the Adult SEO Agency please email us.